Uniting employee experience and talent strategy

The modern organization is rapidly changing. And to be successful as work evolves, talent management strategies need to evolve, too. With major shifts in how work happens and what employees value, HR leaders are being called on to re-engineer the employee experience.

At Korn Ferry, we combine talent management technology and strategy to move businesses and employees forward in synergy. Bring AI-powered insights and over 50 years of organizational expertise to every aspect of talent management - from defining role responsibilities and understanding what talent you have and need, to creating learning paths to drive skill transformation and understanding real-time employee sentiments.

Talent Management Solutions powered by Intelligence Cloud empowers organizations and employees to align on needs, take decisive action, and evolve the employee experience to thrive together. 

  • Empowering organizations

    • Reflecting business shifts with new roles and structures
    • Rethinking how and where work gets done
    • Prioritizing employee mobility and retention
    • Focusing on training and development
    • Emphasizing reskilling and upskilling
  • Evolving the employee experience

    • Elevating employee engagement and well-being
    • Creating a clear connection between employee and company purpose
    • Reinventing business processes with inclusivity in mind
    • Framing pay in a fair and flexible way

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Frequently asked questions about talent management

What is the role of cloud technology in talent management?

Cloud technology gives organizations the power to unify and integrate a broad range of talent management processes within one platform. Our talent management software uses cloud technology to create a central hub for your HR team, capturing a real-time picture of your company’s talent capabilities, initiatives and gaps. It opens the door for a more strategic, future-forward approach to leading the workforce.

Data from Korn Ferry’s Intelligence Cloud takes integrated talent management to the next level, thanks to decades of market intelligence and billions of data points that pave the way for more informed decision-making. Whether you’re creating a competitive compensation strategy or gauging a candidate’s role fit, data can help you move forward with credibility and confidence.

By uniting each aspect of your talent strategy and strengthening initiatives with data, you’re in a better position to respond to emerging talent needs with urgency, accuracy and agility.

How can talent management solutions help develop a future-proof workforce?

Our portfolio of talent management solutions helps prepare a future-ready, skilled workforce by fueling talent initiatives that are essential to the long-term success of any organization:

Prioritizing the employee experience

When employees have role clarity and a predefined idea of what success looks like, there’s a concrete direction for their career growth. Talent development opportunities give employees more ownership of their career path so they can achieve their full potential. Tools for collecting and evaluating employee feedback show true consideration for their needs while providing HR with leading engagement drivers.

Aligning business drivers with talent strategy

To create a more successful workforce tomorrow, your talent strategy must account for the broader needs of your organization. Our talent management technology uses the predictive power of AI to reveal obstacles in the way of fulfilling future business capabilities. Evolve proactively with the changing business environment, optimize pay spend to drive results and design and deliver work in a way that fulfills business strategy and employee experience.

What are the main benefits of talent management software?

Our integrated software solutions help teams manage talent recruitment, career development and employee performance. With a robust talent management system automating and simplifying a range of talent management processes, companies have more agility to respond to changes as work evolves.

This gives companies the ability to:

  • Enrich the employee experience with individualized development opportunities, more informed compensation strategies, data-built success profiles and tools for capturing employee feedback.
  • Expand the power of the HR team with data-informed deployment decisions and external market insights, plus improvements in collaboration, visibility and flexibility.
  • Foster synergy between business strategy and talent strategy with data that enables decisive action, moving the business and employees forward together.
  • Keep the future in focus with predictive analytics that reveal talent gaps today while anticipating shifts tomorrow.
  • Win and retain high-performing talent with reward benchmarking that assesses the competitiveness of employment offerings.
  • Provide opportunities for employee development with self-guided learning paths, growth and development tracking and industry-specific leadership planning.
  • Simplify the responsibilities of HR teams by bringing their most essential talent management initiatives together on a single, configurable platform.

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