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Understand the talent you have and the talent you need

Building the diverse and differentiated leadership bench that your business demands

To capitalize on business opportunities, you need to know what your current talent is capable of and what talent you should be seeking across all levels of the organization, including the talent market in which you compete.

Our assessment and succession solutions give you an objective, actionable picture of the talent you need, the talent you have and how to close the gap. Your business strategy is only possible if you have the enterprise talent to deliver today and into the future.


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An Introductory Guide to Talent Assessment

Using insight to develop a future-ready talent pipeline for organization success


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Our expertise, data and advanced technology help you spot top performers for today and tomorrow.

Elevate your enterprise leaders with confidence

Leaders are more than their responsibilities. And they do more than manage people—they inspire and motivate them and influence the ecosystem in which they operate. Enterprise leadership is rare. Inclusive enterprise leadership is even more precious. We create a picture of the leaders you need at every level—tailored to your strategy or business challenge and your industry, business function and job level.

Our Leadership Assessment solution evaluates individual performance, potential, readiness, and fit against the agreed Leadership Success Profile. So you can feel confident you’re developing and promoting the right people.

Accelerate the development of high performing professionals

With Korn Ferry Assess, we assess the skillset and mindset of your critical professionals from sales teams to customer service, project managers and more. You can use this insight to target your training and development budgets, move high performers to where they can do their best work and work out where—and who—you need to hire next.

Create a competitively differentiated pipeline of future diverse leaders

Leadership changes can rock the boat—and carry risk for shareholders. But if you define, find and prepare your next generation of diverse best fit leaders now, you can execute on your highest business aspirations. Our consultants help organizations design, improve and fulfill diverse succession plans for every level of leadership.

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